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Dessert Category Case Study

Our client was a large international business with an established dessert arm looking for opportunities to grow sales with new customers, in new categories and channels.

The Masterclass

We ran a dessert immersion session using a variety of angles to demonstrate what constitutes the ultimate in sweet things.  Understanding that the UK was the key market for growth and the target customers we concentrated on best-in-class British desserts.

We enlisted the skills of a pastry chef known for their work in contemporary Michelin starred restaurants in London and had them create a range of their signature desserts.  We also invited along a number of dessert loving food bloggers, street food and pop-up “dessert entrepreneurs” to showcase their view on this category.

We investigated case studies of how very classic desserts or sweet snacks had been completely revolutionized to appeal to a modern audience such as CrossTown Doughnuts.

From our research on the history of Desserts we were able to apply context to the journey of sweet treats from the Victorian era through to today and beyond with an emphasis on what the future of desserts might look like.

There was a large selection of samples that brought to life how a trifle could look over a 3 year period incorporating current and projected trends that proved to be hugely inspiring to our customer, and put them at a competitive advantage with their consumers.

The Ideation Phase

We took feedback from our customer and the participant group before working up some key areas for more focus.

Using current factory capabilities, key strengths and USPs of our customer we began to construct a vision for the category that could be used as a basis for a Category Leadership position.

The category vision that emerged began with product and range visioning then evolved to encompass fixture, packaging, product tiering, product positioning and POS and communication.

The Collaborative Phase

With a working vision, we could begin to brief all relevant stakeholders if they hadn’t already been involved in the process.

We had conceptual packaging designs so were able to approach a major manufacturer of moulded plastics and have a mock up produced that product could be made up.  What we achieved was a dialogue between the product and packaging that made the offer stronger than its sum of parts, appealing to the consumer as an overall proposition and importantly create a barrier to entry.


Having aligned all parties relevant to the operational we were able to hand over successfully to the customer’s NPD teams.