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At this stage, we are able to provide a clear concise framework on the range(s) of products to be launched, what they will deliver and within what timeframe. We will have identified the following,

  • who will manufacture all the key elements
  • what is special about the products (usps, potential marketing messages, provenance etc)
  • what packaging type will be used and who will make the packaging
  • costing parameters
  • timeframes
  • any technical considerations
  • suggestions on which customer and within what launch cycle

NPD teams will have been engaged at touch-points throughout the process so will already have an understanding about what tweaks, cost engineering and flavour work needs to be undertaken for their customer and in line with brand values. NPS teams may also choose to consumer test the products.

Their prospective customer may have already been “sold” the ranges conceptually some time earlier.

The aim of this handover stage is to seamlessly transition a range(s) of products to development teams in order for them to present to their customer.

Success is having a customer take an entire range from your business that will not have been shown to them by your competitors. This could manifest in a customer NPD brief arriving where you own the agenda!

Your new range(s) has barriers to entry helping you to future proof your business. It will drive significant value in terms of innovative prowess and commercial benefit.

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