The Ideation Phase2017-09-14T15:45:32+00:00


The purpose of this session or series of sessions is to translate the inspirational elements of the stage one masterclass, into areas that can be worked up further using highly engaged participation of key stakeholders.

Whilst this is about a collective forming and structuring, we strive to maintain the momentum, energy and wow factor created by the masterclass. For this reason, and in the initial session particularly, we create and build without constraints using more general shaping tools like “size of opportunity” and “target consumer demographics,” and “potential barriers to entry” to establish key areas for focus.

We encourage lots of questions in the pursuit of breakthrough ideas that may not currently be achievable. The varied stakeholder perspectives allow for a multi-dimensional and joined up approach to ideation, and dialogue is formed.

By the final session there is a clear stakeholder team. Each member will have a set of tasks associated with the delivery of the conceptual ideas and agreed parameters within which to work.

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