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Our approach to innovation is to delve puristically into a given area of interest. This could be a future trend like Regional Chinese, specialist ingredients like sugar alternatives, a specific cuisine like Nikkei or an event like the next World Cup. A question or challenge may be the catalyst for the direction of a masterclass such as, “How do we optimize nutrition in our range?” This may direct our thinking to a particular field such as sports science or dietetics and so the masterclass shape is formed.

“We firmly believe that far more can be achieved by adopting a trailblazing trajectory and later bringing ideas back into reality than evolving the here and now.”

We aim to identify what the very best looks, tastes, sounds, feels and smells like. We consult with experts and authorities on the subject and bring them to you where they can add value, inspiration and direction.

For our Butchery Masterclass, we worked closely with a famous London butchers who supply the restaurant trade. When we created the next generation of sandwiches using artisanal bread, we brought in an industry leading baker, author and campaigner to inspire our thoughts and bring about useful debate. When defining the future of health, we worked with a renowned dietician who allowed our thinking to travel way beyond anything we thought possible in the pursuit of functionality.

At this initial stage of the journey there are very few constraints, so we encourage unabridged interaction in the room and beyond. We are deliberately controversial to encourage reactions and assist opinion forming. Facilitating profound debate is essential.

We understand that many people have time constraints so we go for maximum impact using techniques that engage and stimulate within a frame of 1-2 hours. You will typically find a good mix of audio, visual and sensory applications to maintain high energy levels throughout.

Rather than addressing specific problems this early, our masterclasses are about providing an inspirational, authoritative basis for ideation and subsequent problem solving.

Success is a buzzy atmosphere created by people chatting about their masterclass experience for days or even weeks afterwards, and feeling compelled to participate in the subsequent sessions that stimulate and moves on their thinking.

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